Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chicken & Spinach Pie with Mashed Potato Crust

A "Recipeasy" by Fabio Viviani

It's official: I'm not a thyme fan. 

This recipe sounded good in my head when I read the ingredient list, but I think that's for two reasons: 1) I'm kinda on a Fabio kick at the moment; and 2) I didn't remember what thyme tasted like. Other than salt and pepper, the multifaceted (anti-septic and anti-fungal) herb is the only seasoning in this dish. And it has a distinctive flavor, so even a little can go a long way.  The "pie" consists of fresh spinach, carrots, onion, ricotta and chicken breast. The mashed potato crust is basic mash, but with olive oil instead of butter. The directions are straightforward, with the prep and cook times coinciding so you end up being in the kitchen less than an hour--unless you're like me and lose your vegetable peeler. Then you're spending the first 10 minutes with 3 potatoes and a paring knife.

For me, this ended up being a little bland (despite the thyme). I'd suggest maybe adding a little parmesan during the final 5-minute broil to give the potato crust a little texture and flavor. Or, perhaps, season the chicken with...something. Like what? I dunno...something that won't compete with the thyme! You could even nix the thyme altogether and go with some garlic. Hmmm... Next time!  
If all else fails, do like we do in this house and spritz on a little lemon after you plate it! Lemon heals all.

P.S. You can find the recipe if you click on Fabio Viviani above and go to "Recipeasy".
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  1. Hm, does sound good, but I wouldn't have tried it because I remember that I don't like thyme. I like your garlic suggestion, I like me some garlic.

  2. Another very interesting dish!! Awesome!!

    As far as the fixed background goes...i do believe this the code you need to enter into your blogger template (design>edit html>edit template):

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    See if that works?? Not sure if you have your image on repeat or not..but the main thing is the "fixed" part! :)

  3. Sounds like maybe you should try another chef's recipes next time. You don't seem very wowed yet. Hope you are still enjoying your time in the kitchen though!

  4. Btw, your pictures always look really great!

  5. Thanks, Everyone! And Nat, I am going to. And in his defense, my dislike of thyme is not his recipe's fault. Neither was the lumpy fondue, come to think of it...