Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eggs Baked in Cheese Fondue (on Sourdough Toast)

from Did I REALLY Make Breakfast? by Fabio Viviani

I have eaten many an egg on toast, so this seemed like a great way to launch Recipe Resolution. For my first try, I think this turned out just fine. I had no photos of this dish, so I have no idea if this looks even remotely like what Fabio and his nonna envisioned. Although I'm fairly certain the fondue shouldn't look quite so...curdy. It could have something to do with my modifications (below). But it tastes great. Just don't be shy with the basil! I added more after the photo.

Some suggestions if you wanna try this yourself: use your noggin. This is a pretty informal recipe e-book, written by a (completely adorable) chef whose first language was not English. I think he may take a few things for granted, since he's not a novice in the kitchen. One thing I didn't notice until I was half-way through the process was that there were a couple ingredients listed that didn't make their way into the directions. I could only assume they were garnish, although I suppose it's possible the basil was supposed to get baked in/on. Another thing the recipe didn't say to do was turn the heat back up to medium so that the roux can turn into bechamel sauce. I discovered that 10 minutes on low does a whole lotta nothin!

Modifications: Since the recipe serves 4 and I'm not a fan of wasting, I decided to half it, with the exception of the eggs. (I realized when I got home I only had 3. Oops!) I also had to substitute fat free half & half.

TADA! And here's a link to the recipe, portioned for 1, from The Lonely Gourmet!

P.S. If anyone wants to edit my photos for me before I post them, I sure won't argue! :^}


  1. Now THIS is an interesting dish!!! How would you rate it?

    As far as editing pics go...they look fab already! If you ever want to send any my way tho, you know I'm always up for a good photoshopping session. I could throw on some Pioneer Woman actions that'll really make 'em POP! :)

    Excellent first post my friend!

  2. Thanks, Darlin! I love Pioneer Woman's photos, so that'd be killer. And as far as rating, I dunno! It was easy to make and mild in flavor. That what you mean?

  3. Easy is good! And I totally missed the part that said, "But it tastes great.". LOL which is why I asked how you would rate it. But NOW I see. :)

  4. Looks beautiful! I can't wait to see what you are cooking up next!

  5. YIPPEEE! I can't wait for Wednesday mornings when I can read all about our newest recipe! I'm going to blog about you on my blog, I want people to join you on your journey....FUN FUN FUN!!!!!