Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My First Contest

I am learning that if I really want legit blog, I need to have a contest. (I also need to have more followers, but this should help with that, I hope.) So I'm gonna! The very first Recipe Resolution prize is...wait for it...wait for it...

How to Cook Like a Top Chef Cookbook! 

And for those of you who already follow me on Twitter or Facebook, no, this is not the very same book that I just won from Bravo's Top Chef All Star Challenge Sweepstakes. I mean, yes, it's the same book, but this is not the same copy. I'm keeping mine! :^} And if you're wondering why I chose this as my first prize, you must not know me! But, in any case, if you need some encouragement to enter, here's a page from one of my favorite sections:

Here's how to enter:

1) Become a "follower" of my blog;

2) Comment on this post with any food-related suggestion. 

That's it! And if you know someone who'd be interested in winning this prize, please share this contest with them! I'm taking entries until this Friday, February 18th, at 12pm Pacific.



  1. I'm a subscriber! :) Annnnnd...as far as a food related post...have you considered taking step by step pics of the cooking process for future recipes?? :) I looove being able to see exactly what to do!!!

  2. Meg, I have! I might need to start cooking in the day time and when someone else home, so that I can get better shots.

  3. Okay, I think I figured it out! As for my food related comment: Maybe do a different meal each week? One week breakfast, the next week lunch, then dinner, and finish the month with a dessert.

  4. I have only one food-related word to say: Mennonite! We "young" Mennos need to ensure that one day we will be able to make amazing zwiebach and verenike like our Grandmas did :) I want to read about your attempts at zwiebach and try with you to hone (sp?) my skills.
    I'm proud of you, SSF!

  5. Following! Keep up the good work. Grandma recipes are great! I am trying to cook as seasonally as I can with all the local foods I can get my hands on. Try that maybe?

  6. Im sad I missed this! I would totally love the book! Oh well, I LOVE the blog! Thanks for sharing each week!