Monday, April 18, 2011

Beef Picadillo

I think I should rename this blog, "What Happens When You Screw Up the Recipe". I somehow manage to do something in the wrong order or forget a crucial ingredient while shopping every week. In this recipe, I made one purposeful substitution--don't say it!--and then also a mistake. 

This recipe isn't even hard at ALL. It is, in fact, super simple. Where I screwed up was the vinegar. It called for red wine and I only had apple cider (because I somehow missed it when creating my shopping list). I also thought substituting cherries for the raisins wouldn't make THAT big of a deal. did. Don't do that.

I didn't mind the dish, but I'm sure it would have been better had I done it right. I served it with corn tortillas, but it could be served with white rice or even cornbread (if you like things pretty sweet). In case you didn't notice, I linked the recipe above, so you can check it out to see the flavors involved. I personally would use less all spice next time and more chili powder. I'd also try it with raisins once, just to keep it authentic. For some people, the idea of having cinnamon in a main course is unacceptable--I won't name any names--but it didn't bother me. I'll eat and like just about anything! ;^}

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