Monday, April 4, 2011

Huevos Cubanos

I’m entirely too enamored with Top Chef. This month’s theme is Cuban food. Whose dish did I create first? Top Chef Michael Voltaggio’s. *sigh* I might be hopeless. As far as I know, though, there will be no more Top Chef recipes appearing in April. I just REALLY love my How to Cook Like a Top Chef cookbook. That I won. For loving Top Chef.

I’m not sure how authentically Cuban this recipe is. From what I can tell, the banana is what makes it Cuban. (But I haven’t done much research.) The dish is layered as follows: banana puree, rice patty, fried egg, garnish. And before I go any further, I’d like to apologize. I was rushed in making this and had no photo to reference, so everything about this dish/post is pretty sloppy (except for my writing. My writing is NEVER sloppy :^P). 

This was another Quickfire recipe, which means Chef Michael V had only 30 minutes for its entire creation. I didn’t time it, but I know it didn’t take me much longer than that, either. The first thing I did was make the jasmine rice and the bacon (garnish). While it was simmering, I made the banana puree, which consists of 2 bananas, sliced and browned in butter, simmered with heavy cream until tender, then pureed. (SO glad Sur la Table has a Cuisinart sale so that I had a mini processor to use.) And like I said, I have no image of the final product and therefore no clue what the consistency should be, other than smooth. Mine may very well be too thick. Dunno.

Next I made the rice patties. I thought these were going to be more difficult than they were. The recipe said you could use your hands to form the patties if you didn’t have a certain tool but I thought the rice would be way too sticky. I decided to use an ice cream scoop. Lame idea. I should have used my hands. Below are the rejects (one of which I decided to fry in the bacon grease instead of the EVOO. I think it’s a great idea, because it adds a little more salt to the dish, which would have helped the flavor. But I’ll get to that). They were SUPPOSED to be 3 inches in diameter; the scoop, however, doesn’t grab much rice.

The last step was frying an egg for each patty. Mmm, more butter... . The eggs should’ve been over easy, but I got a little distracted so they ended up being over medium. Once I assembled the towers, I added the chives and crumbled bacon as garnish. The large diced tomatoes can also be a “tomato jam”—the recipe is in the book—but, like I said before, I was rushed.

This dish was simple to make and it looks fancy. But it tasted a little weird to me. The sweet bananas just seemed…out of place. And it needed some pepper and another dash of salt. I didn’t even try adding it because I just gobbled and ran!

I doubt I’ll make this again, just because the flavors didn’t wow me. And what’s the point of making something that just tastes “okay”?


  1. Funny how Ok wins a quick fire. Lol. Doesn't sound very appealing to me but your final product is pretty!

  2. It actually didn't win the quick fire challenge that episode, it was Eli's dish with the thousand island hollandaise that won.