Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Full Throttle Chimichanga

Four words: party in my mouth.

The layers (since I didn't like the quality of the pic I took of the inside): Nutella, peanut butter, Charlotte's homemade strawberry jam, banana and a quick brush of powdered sugar glaze on either side of the filling. The piece de resistance: fry.

I will make this again, and I will also find a way to keep the tortilla more tightly rolled. Special thanks to my brother-in-law, Kevin, for sharing the Full Throttle sandwich and suggesting it be fried. I'll still have to make it exactly like he suggested: Nutella, crunchy pb (mine was creamy), strawberry jam, PB2 (which I couldn't find) and banana on bread, then sealed with a sandwich grill and fried. Next time!

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