Friday, June 24, 2011

Apple Breakfast Bars

Here we are with yet another Logan pick! I used this recipe as a template (ha) and then tweaked a few things based on the palates in the house. We left out nuts altogether--wouldn't that be nice, if we could leave out the nuts altogether? *sigh* But I digress--except for the peanut butter. Instead of raisins, we used dried cherries and instead of dried apples we used...well, nothing. We couldn't find dried apples. This omission may have had something to do with the final result being so sticky. Not sure, though, if maybe we just mis-measured. I let Logan do most of the measuring and pouring, so I know we weren't to the gram on anything.

I like the taste of these, although they're a bit sweet. (The recipe uses 1/3 c honey.) And the cherries make them tart. Logan didn't like them because he has a serious hatred of peanut butter, which I didn't realize was SO strong until after he tried one of these. To my tongue, the PB is nearly imperceptible; however, the fact that I used natural and not sweetened peanut butter could have been the major offense.

Final verdict, I'd like to try making these again but with all the ingredients listed and slightly less honey. If you have a chance before I do, please share your results here!

P.S. I am so not happy with the quality of these photos.

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