Monday, July 11, 2011

Bacon and Onion Pie

July. Pie month. That is all.

Okay, so that isn't really ALL. But it is everything. Pie, that is. Aside: It's also hyperbole month. And I need to give a shout out to my online friend, Hillary--@momdmbfan on Twitter--for inspiring this month's theme. (I'll be baking a dish she has recommended next!) And what better way to kick off such an awesome theme than with a Fabio Viviani recipe? No better way, really. Plus, it's got bacon. BACON! Perfect.

"Bacon and Onion Pie" can be found in Fabio's ebook, Did I Really Make Breakfast?? The best part about this recipe for me is that it calls for a ready-made pie crust. Since I haven't tried my hand at pie crust more than once, I was thrilled. The first step was to chop up a red onion and some bacon, then cook them together in butter until the onion browns. Transfer that into the prepared pie crust. (Drain it first, of course.) Then in a food processor, combine Swiss cheese, eggs, milk, a little flour, cayenne, salt and pepper. Pour it over the bacon and onion then back at 325 for an hour. Voila!

This dish is easy and fabulous. I made one modification and used Jarlsberg cheese instead of Swiss, but other than that I did everything the way I was supposed to. My one complaint was that the center of the crust wasn't as crispy/flaky as the outsides. Could be because I didn't use a glass pan. But the taste was amazing. Wasn't too salty, which is a feat, considering the amount of bacon used. The heat is low but apparent and the cheese, oh the cheese. Bottom line: I love everything about this recipe. Molto bene, Fabio (e Nonna)!

P.S. I need to work on my pie crust edging. And my photography/editing. I know this. Don't hate.